Help desk has not responded

How do I reach helpdesk?

I been having trouble activating my license. I open a ticket on 10/14/2023 but have not received any help. I have open new tickets, maybe i put it in to wrong topic but nothing. To see if it was the version i had was incompatible with my license, I upgraded my license. But it did not fix the problem. At this point I am extremely dissatisfied with the software support system.

Looking back at past examples, I’m fairly certain the issue stems from the upgrade path. Other users (myself included) have gotten a separate license key when upgrading a previous license. You are likely still waiting on that email if you’ve yet to receive it.

That being said, the most recent previous user to experience this delay in the forums seems to have received a response after about 10 days, rather than the stated 1 day for a license key or 3 days for a response from the Help Desk. It’s possible the new license key is coming, but is delayed by whatever is holding up the development.

I wonder if there were so few issues reported or new licenses purchased for so long that the email or account that handles them has become something that only gets checked once a month or so.

All of us here are fairly concerned, as the slowness of the customer support, and the length of time since the last update is uncommon. A brief scroll through the history of the forums should show you that Stephen used to be fairly active here, chiming in on conversations, giving tips, and just generally being a part of the community. It’s always concerning when that disappears.

In a previous thread that questioned whether or not World Machine was worth it with the lack of updates recently, I mentioned that I wouldn’t worry unless we didn’t hear from the developer before around October or November, which unfortunately means I’ve now joined the bandwagon of people wondering if Stephen has essentially “abandoned” this project, or if he’s simply cooking up something special. It’s pretty concerning that his forum account seems to be gone now (possibly due to inactivity), so it seems he’s not even casually lurking the forums anymore (or if he is, he’s not doing it logged in).

That all being said, I think this development blog post from 2017 shares a lot of similarities with the situation we’re seeing now: an entire calendar year with no updates (if we end out 2023 without an update, at least), little to no forum engagement, no updates on the development blog. Hopefully very soon, Stephen will pop back up suddenly with a “Hey guys, sorry it’s been so long!” and a bunch of new ideas and features to show off. In the meantime, if you haven’t received a new license key by 15 business days after purchase, I would try reaching out again.