How can I disable a Bitmap Output based on a Switch output?

I’m using Bitmap Output to export tiled splat maps which works fine but I want to use a switch to disable the output. I tried using a router to route away from the Bitmap Output and wiring a value into the parameter to uncheck ‘Participate in Tile Builds’ but it still gets saved anyway. Is this a bug or am I doing it wrong?

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Are you doing this inside a macro? Or in your main graph?

Output devices inside a macro always save an output (IF they are set to save automatically on build), a placeholder file in case no input is going to the wire. That’s the reason this feature request exists.

EDIT: Oh and there’s no workaround to your problem yet. IF an input on the output device is WIRED, and IF it’s set to save output automatically, inside a macro, it will always save an output file. Unless devices can be enabled and disabled programmatically inside a macro. So yes it’s a known shortcoming of wm macros.

Yes it is inside a macro, I’ll come up with a different way around it. Thanks for your response.