How can I increase Maximum Peak height in Advanced Perlin?

There’s a constraint to my peak - at certain height it will flat out (like a maximum height). How can I increase this limit/maximum height?
*Increasing steepness or elevation (in the Advanced Perlin option) will still be flatten out when reach this ‘max height’
In many tutorials online I see them creating very high peaks with just normal Adavanced Perlin (no modifiers or whatsoever). How can I achieve this?
Many thanks in advanced guys!
This is a picture to demonstrate what I’m talking about:

There are many tutorials having much higher ‘max height’ than this, not sure of their version though. Mine is 3028

Hi there,

Go to Project Settings → General Settings, and increase the maximum elevation to whatever you desire there. Note that this will automatically rescale all of your existing generators, as behind-the-scenes all generators basically produce a value between 0 and 1, and WM then maps that to the elevation you setup above.

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Thank you so much!!! You saved my day

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