How do i make mountain deep eroded peaks like in Infestation survivor stories?

as you can see i am getting kinda close to the result i want, i am having a TON of trouble getting
the mountain shape correct, i am using a layout generator because i need to make it an open world map.

this image here is what i want my mountains to look like, i love these stylized peaks.
these two bottom images are what i currently have and what my goal is. help would be much appreciated!

Man, where is that first image coming from? There is an entire other thread with our attempts to recreate it:

It’s also a project I keep coming back to, cause I always feel I’m right on the cusp of a breakthrough. So far, I think I can safely say that there is no erosion used on the actual terrain itself (possibly used for mask generation, but I’ve not found those particularly useful). The bits that are cut away are likely done with Expander devices, the low-lying terrain has the appearance of an Advanced Perlin or Basic Noise device that has been fed into a Ramp device with another noise generator as the mask input for the Ramp device.

What I haven’t been able to nail down is the fragmented look. The closest I have come has been stacking Voronoi devices with the same seed at different scales, but that’s only getting me so far.

i dont want to only re create the 3 peaks, i want many of those 3 peaks all around my terrain as mountain borders, i still want erosion. i basically want this image but the flatter areas at the bottom can be replaced with those peaks you keep working on. the top image is my current progress, the bottom image is my goal.

oops forgot that i already showed these images in the original post

@Quentin_McHale Here’s a sample project for you. Try some ideas similar to this workflow.
TestProject_Quentin_McHale.tmd (712.9 KB)

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Version 2
TestProject_Quentin_McHale_Ver2.tmd (713.0 KB)

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My apologies, I was looking at this from the perspective of wanting all the mountains to look like the first image in the original post, and that we can’t make a ring of those mountains without first making the mountains themselves. @WFab’s project files should be very helpful in setting up the actual scene for your use.

But seriously, though, where is that first image coming from? Did you find it posted somewhere? If you didn’t just pull it from these forums, I’m wondering if maybe the original source has some more detail on how they were created.

tbh i kinda would like most of them to look like the first image, i want a mix some to look like the second image and some to look like the first, sorry for my bad communication. i need to do these things via layout generator because i am using the mountains as borders so the players cannot escape the map @blattacker i cannot figure out what shapes to draw in the layout generator to make all these mountains i am talking about

i found the image in the original post, but those kind of peaks people usually like, thats why i wanted them in my world.

From NuoCheng, one of their macros creates this. Really sick, still don’t know how they do it :joy:

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Well, good to know it’s from a macro and not a wholly different program! That means we should be able to figure it out eventually. I was starting to worry it was originally sculpted somewhere else and then just imported.

how do you import sculpted terrain?

export the height map from your program and import as a file heightmap