How to create these sliding rocks?


Is there a way to create these kinds of sliding rock formations with WM? I tried experimenting with thermal weathering and snow but those only create flowmaps draining below the rocks rather than making it look like they slided down.

Hi there,

Thermal erosion provides a uniform rubble size using the “talus size” parameter. If you want a more unique/variant boulder feel, you can use the talus mask output from the device to guide scattering of rock objects.

Here’s an example world showing this technique:

Talus Rocks.tmd (16.8 KB)

Thanks for the tip. Although I was wondering how I could make those rocks look like they slid down the talus slopes and leave a trail behind.

Aah - I see now. I misinterpreted what you meant by sliding rocks.

Hmm. There are no direct tools to achieve this available right now. I had an additional “flow by terrain” device that would be ideal for this kind of thing but it didn’t make the cut for Alpine Lakes release. You could possibly hack something together using the Select Wetness device, which accumulates downslope flow, and add/remove material based on that flow. You would put your boulder mask into the precipitation input, invert the model so that uphill becomes downhill, and run the selector. It would be pretty fiddly to get things looking right however.

Oh. That inverting and using the flowmap might do the trick. I’ll keep experimenting more, thanks.

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