How to distort shapes?

If I use the Shapes device and draw a shape on it (say, a square), how can I distort that square using some kind of noise, so it’s not a square anymore but something else? Like using a Voronoi noise, for example.

I don’t want to distort the heightmap inside the bounds of the shape, but the shape itself.

In the shapes editor properties (on the right side), check “Breakup Shapes” to enable some simple breakup controls. That’ll give you some variation, with minor control.

For custom noises though, you’ll need to do it manually through some creative thinking.

One way is to use a “combiner” set to “root” set at 1. Plug shape into the first, and noise into the second to “etch” the noise on shape surface. Or use multiply to, well, multiply the heights of two devices, in this case the shape and your noise generator.