How to make islands in a river

Hello I saw on discord a person doing this kind of islands in it’s rivers
if you have any idea i’m a taker

Either hand drawn, or else you will need multiple instances of the Flow Restructure and Create Water devices, which you will have to create parallel chains for, add a bit of noise prior to the Flow Restructure and then combine the result afterwards. This will essentially combine two versions of you terrain, with different rivers. Then those islands will come to life. This method has some drawbacks and needs fine tuning.

ps. The Combine Water macro comes with WM!

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I had made a macro where I use almost the same idea

thank you very much for the help


Ah yes displacing afterward can be done, but sadly only works (well) if the land is almost flat and it cannot guarantee the river’s flow is uninterrupted, os I tend not to use this method.

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