How to make rocks arch?

Hello! I need help from experienced map developers. I want to create a natural arch for example - on the shore of the bay. Is it possible to do this in the World Machine?

Photo view:

Unfortunately, this type of feature is impossible in the current version of World Machine. World Machine uses 2D heightmaps, and is thus incapable of creating features such as overhangs, arches, and caves. Your best bet for something like this would be to create the surrounding terrain in World Machine, and to create the arch itself in a 3D modeling program such as ZBrush, Blender, Mudbox, etc.

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And if you try through “High Selecktor” and then put it in “Comdain” as a mask?

I’m not sure what you’re trying to ask there, but I’ll just reiterate that there is currently no method of making or displaying an arch within World Machine. The arch itself would need to be made in a separate program and then added in as an object to whatever final program is being used (ie Unreal Engine or something similar).

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Understood you! Thank you very much for your answer.