I am new and thinking about paying for this program

I like what I can see from what there is in the demo, I think I can use it in my game, I’ve worked on over 11 years on and had one question in mind. so if I buy the 299 professional and from what I can tell you only support updates for one year. the question comes to mind after the one year can I still use the outdated software as is? or is the software going to be like this is a outdated key go buy again to download. then when I try to figure out how to get the version I was left off on then found out the old version is no longer supported. I spent money on software that did that to me and its upsetting. when installing it again when I redo the system and I redo my computer at least once a year if not more. reinstalling software like this is frustrating.


You will get updates for 1 year and after that, you will be able to always download the latest version that came out whilst your license was still “valid”. You can use outdated software, as long as your OS (Windows that is), supports it, and old versions of WM won’t be updated to support newer version of Windows if they break I suppose.

The benefit of this? If your maintenance period ends, you are not required to renew your license and instead can wait for a new update that suits your needs to land! This is really flexible :slight_smile:


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