I updated my license, Now I can't export past 505res

I recently updated my pro license after it had expired. I installed the new and latest World Machine version. Now I’m stuck at not seeing past 512 res in the view ports. And no matter what resolution I set to export out as, it only exports out as 505res. The file is labeled correctly as the right res 4033 for Unreal Engines res needs. But when importing into unreal engine it’s down to 505.

I was able to export from World Machine and into Unreal Engine just fine until now. I can’t figure out for the life of me why suddenly World Machine is stuck at these low resolutions. Any help would be appreciated.

I used to be able to get 2k resolution in the view port on world machine, now It’s just 512…it never tries to update past that. I had this issue crop up on me in the past as well and back then I just gave up and stopped using world machine cause I couldn’t figure out how to fix it. This time I’m trying to get help from others who may know what’s going on. Google search is completely useless in trying to resolve this issue.

  1. Are you sure you went to “purchase” and updated your license by paying? Did you get the email with your license info? Did you follow activation instructions?

  2. If you didn’t get any activation dialog on program startup, you may be using world machine’s “Basic” version. That one is limited to 512 resolution. In that case, check your email, including spam folder, for world machine’s purchase confirmation.

  3. If you have your license key already, go to World Machine Update Center, enter your license key, and enter. Download the latest stable or dev build, install, run, and activate.

Do reply to this thread if it works, or if it doesn’t. We’ll figure something out!

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I did go through and did the purchase and updated my license (It says my license is good until August of 2022 now on the site). I have the invoice and I went through inputting my license key to get to the update center in order to download the latest version. I have even uninstalled completely and reinstalled. I deactivated then reactivated my license to see if that would work as well. No dice. It DOES seem I am stuck on basic that is the impression I am getting. I just don’t know why or how when I have inputted and activated my license.

I will say it did not send me a NEW license key when I updated and paid for a renewal of my license. Do I need to request a new license key because the original key I have is no longer valid? While I received a confirmation email of my purchase, I did not receive another key for the renewed license. I had assumed it would have just updated the License Key I already had.

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I just had it re-send my activation license incase it might have changed when I renewed and I just didn’t get an email for it. But no, it’s the same license Key I already have and have activated. It says that it’s World Machine Pro and that it’s activated, but it acts like it’s Basic in functionality. I have no idea what to do. I sent an E-mail to support but haven’t heard back either which is why I came here.

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That sounds like a legit activation bug. You might wanna take a look at this @Stephen

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Yeah. Well I appreciate your response here and tagging Stephen. Hopefully this can get sorted out soon. I understand bugs happen. I’m just happy to actually manage to find someone to talk to about the issue.

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Just to follow up publicly on this, we traced the issue down to 3rd-party macro used in the project that was restricting its resolution.