Import Mesh to world machine? import file mesh? or just heightmap

I know this has probably been asked a bunch. I cant find it though… Can I import a mesh to world machine or do i need it as a grey scale hieightmap first?


Hi there,

Currently, you need to create a grey-scale heightmap from it first. The code path exists to import a mesh and do the conversion to a terrain inside of WM, but it’s not exposed to the user yet. This has been a longstanding request that I would love to make happen sooner than later!

In lieu of a current method within World Machine, depending on the software used to create the terrain mesh, you should be able to make a greyscale texture from the height. Or, if you’re specifically using Terragen, I know there is a function in there to automatically convert things to heightmaps (though you will lose any overhangs or caves that may be present in the conversion, as that’s something that heightmaps currently can’t do. Maybe someday!), a quick search should get you the exact directions you need (and if you don’t currently use Terragen, there’s a free community version, and I imagine you could probably load the mesh into Terragen, convert it to a heightmap, export the heightmap, and continue to work it in World Machine, though that may be too convoluted if your modeling/sculpting program can already export a heightmap).