Importing water into UE4/5

What’s the best practice for importing water into Unreal? I saw one post talking about exporting the water information as a mesh but I’m having trouble getting UE to read the water mesh. It keeps thinking the OBJ WM exports is an FBX file and there’s nothing there when I look at the import. There was another post about exporting splines/vector data but I can’t find the information on how to do it this way.

How do those of you who use UE go about it?

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Well, one problem with the OBJ import is it gets imported VERY tiny. I had to scale it 1085x to get it to approximately fit the landscape. There must be some pitch/yaw rounding errors in there because I cannot get the height right. If it’s fine on one end, it’s too high on the other, and vice-versa. I’ve tried adjusting X and Y rotation but it still won’t fit closely in height terms.

EDIT: the pitch/yaw issue was definitely a rounding error in UE. Instead of importing the model at scale 1 and then enlarging it inside the editor, I imported it at 100,000x scale. I then had to scale X 1.084, Y 1.084, and Z 1.65 to get it to fit reasonably accurately. Note that I scaled my landscape’s height (Z) by 2x when I imported the height map so your Z values may vary widely. :stuck_out_tongue: