Indie License Limits


I originally opened a support ticket for this question, but no one has responded in about a week.

I was having trouble seeing what are the limits of the indie license. I have a basic license now. What is the max resolution I can export with the indie license and can you export tiles with the indie license?


The differences between the indie and the professional license are that the indie version is limited to two cores while building, build size (resolution) being constrained by the amount of system ram available, and the indie version is missing tiled builds, scripting, and also multi-monitor support.

tl;dr: Max resolution is constrained by system RAM, and no you cannot export tiles with the indie license.

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Thank you very much for responding. That helps my decision making process. Iā€™m not too concerned now with the tiled export being I wrote a Photoshop script that does this and names it the way Unreal Engine likes it. Still would have been nice to have that in the Indie version to save a step. Thank you again.

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