Is this great tool the right tool for me

I was building my world with voxel plugin and you can create pretty much whatever you want with it. I have a world that is exactly what I want. But i’m not making a voxel game and the overhead is high. Just super easy to generate your terrain. I’ve decided I need height maps for ue5 landscape, so this program is perfect.

I am not seeing a whole lot of comples landscapes however. Not on youtube or anywhere else.

I basically need to create a 32km impact crater. with a few different levels terrain as you make your way from the outside to the inside lowest point that will become a small sea with islands.

I want to buy the pro version so I can export tiles to ue5.

Are there resources to help me make a more complex landscape, is it even possible with world machine?

There are many good Tutorials on Youtube, including from users from this Forum, anything you need to learn is there and the helpful example files within worldmachine , from simple set ups to complicated ones for advanced level.

I suggest you take a look at the Minecraft terraforming community, as a lot of them use World Machine to create very exquisite and complex terrains, with multiple biomes. Check out @Consue_IdeaGen (@Consue) on twitter for example. Her is a render of one of her many maps:

As for creating a basic crater, here is an example of an old one of mine:

You could easily create one that’s 32 Km in size and create areas within. For example, this crater has three “layers”. The bottom, the slope with some rock and a lot of sediment, and the cliff edge. You could add an arbitrary number of transition areas, to your liking. It would be a multi-biome map, just placed within a crater.

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Thanks for your reply,
I still have more of your vids to watch.

It looks like if I use a series of circle shapes smaller and smaller adding them in each time and then invert the whole batch I can achieve what I’m looking for. I only have the free version right now so it looks like i can’t play with any of the falloff and height settings of the shape, they are all greyed out on my screen so I can’t confirm that this kind of nesting actually works, but it looks like it will. I’m pretty impressed having played with it a bit more. EDIT I just opened the file again to play with and I can now adjust those settings. Cool.

Yep, I still don’t know jack and I was able to put something close to what I want together in a couple of hours. This is 15km map, I will have to upgrade next week so I can get the higher res and tiled output.

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