Island project continuation

Continuation of this thread: Island project work in progress

Changed the beach material, and solved some significant gamma issues with the material. The island itself is almost ready for release, minus some packaging issues. It’ll be my first paid product on “Blendermarket”. Probably gonna release it in tiers, divided by use cases. Still figuring it out. In any case, here’s a looksie!

Please follow my facebook blog for news regarding final release, whenever it happens lol!


Using the new “Masked view” device to diagnose material blending issues, for the first time. Incredible addition to the texturing arsenal imho! Would have taken me days to figure it out without this nifty node…

What exactly was the issue I wonder?

@HYLK I was checking for “soil/ore” material encroaching on “wet sand” part of the beach. That and checking grass material against beach and soil. Both were fixed before I decided to take screenshots, so these are just for reference lol!

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