Jagged heigtmap

Any help is appreciated


Hmm, looks like conventional low bit depth stairstepping artifacts. May I take a look at the graph?

Yes I agree it seems to be low bit to me also.
The sorce is a GeoTiff 32 bit 21400pixelx 21400pixel 96Dpi 1.6Gb.
It would not load into WM or PS so I hade to import it into QGIS.
Inside QGIS it have these edges also…Not sure if QGIS imports it right…?!?

It is possible the original low bit data is stored in a high bit container, giving the illusion of a high quality file. The same is scene with music files, where low bit rate songs are put in high bit rate files, leading you to believe you have in fact some HiFi quality music.

I’m not familiar with QGIS, could indeed be the issue as well, as it may compresses/reduces the bitrate upon import. I’m not sure what other programs to try to figure this out. Good luck!

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