Just wanted to share a custom World Machine GPT

The “World Machine GPT” is designed to provide specialized assistance related to the World Machine software, a terrain generation tool often used in game development and visual effects. My capabilities include:

  1. Explaining World Machine features and functionalities.
  2. Offering guidance on how to use specific devices in World Machine.
  3. Assisting with troubleshooting common issues in World Machine.
  4. Providing tips and best practices for terrain generation in World Machine.
  5. Answering general queries related to terrain modeling and World Machine’s application in various projects.

I can reference the World Machine user’s manual, device reference, and web notes to provide accurate and relevant information.


You need a account that has paid for GPT 4 and it’s pretty simple to make your own custom GPT.

Hope everyone enjoys the Christmas holidays.


I do not have paid GPT 4 account, is some one can tell/showcase how useful it is in your work?

That is very cool!

Now, if it could only figure out why my nodal network just messed up my terrain …

      == John ==

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