Landscape flatter in unreal engine than in worldmachine

unreal engines landscape is much flatter than worldmachines, how do i fix this?

I’ve never personally used Unreal Engine, but I would imagine there is some kind of y (or z, depending on which letter Unreal uses as the “Up” vector) scaling if this is an object, or displacement strength if this is a displacement map on a plane.

General rule that I have used for myself is “Make the WorldMachine project height range a multiple of 512. Then divide your chosen height by 512 and multiply it by 100 to get the Unreal Engine Z-Scale for import”.

A few examples:

  • Choose 512 in WorldMachine. 512/512*100 = 100% Z-Scale.
  • Choose 1024 in WorldMachine. 1024/512*100 = 200% Z-Scale.
  • Choose 2048 in WorldMachine. 2048/512*100 = 400% Z-Scale.

You can do values that are not multiples of 512, of course (I use multiples of 512 for decent range and easy mental math), and your chosen value should represent the range you want for your world so you can see a fairly accurate representation within WorldMachine.