Large map sizing

Will this support a map size of 350 miles by 197.75 miles of which only 88% is land mass?

It does! Though it may be difficult to work with if your world height is set too low. I suggest going with something like 14 Km, so you have a good sea depth and enough height for your landmass(es).

I’m going to be attempting to recreate an exact replica of the world’s landmasses at a 25% scale with large sections of Ocean missing to cut down on overall size and each grid block will be it’s own server to cut down on landscape render for multiplayer game play

This is for an open world interactive progressional survival game with lots of replay ability

Ooh, that sounds interesting! I got to admit I’m not really familiar with making worlds of that size, but I highly recommend making each continent their own Extent, so you don’t always have to work on the full scale and can better author the looks of your map.

I’m wondering, aren’t there height maps available of Earth, which you’d be able to download and manipulate?

Yes there are ue4 has a laser point imaging system that exact purpose and because of the size I’m working with each of the continents will have to be broken down to several smaller maps something similar to the way atlas was made for example the United States mainland would be broken down into 4 sections and run as 4 individual servers that you would be able to travel between

I see, then I suggest one of these options:

  • Create one world with an extent for every section. The main benefit being able to work in one file and not having alignment issues when working out the sections, since the main shape of the terrain is global and goes “through” the extents.
  • Create a new world for every section. This may be easier to maintain, but I think the above is the better/preferred workflow.

This type of map structuring should also allow me to create 1 continent and release it as a game preview or early access content and add in new continents over time to try and develop support for the game

This project sounds really interesting to me. Good luck on doing it! :smiley:

It’s going to take a lot of time and im definitely going to need help with this but we’ll take it one step at a time

I do plan on releasing this game for console systems

This game map in total will cover about 14.2 million square miles of landmass which is exactly 25% of the size of land on earth

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