Layout generator not working as advertised?

Hey, new here, I know there alot of posts about this issue
but none of them really solve my problem.
The layout generator device just won’t behave the same as people say it should.

First of all it dose not matter if I select a certain layout tab, the minute I go out to a different device,
the selected layout become unselected and i don’t see it in the other devices it’s connected to.

Second of all, people say that if I delete the layout device itself it should delete all the layout tabs in the device, but even if I delete the device and than place a new one, i get all the tabs i had in the previous layout device.

So it dose not matter what i do (following all the advises in the forum here) i just can’t use the layout generator. as it dose absolutely nothing.

any ideas?

PS, I know how to use the device and used it before but for some reason, now it just do nothing.
I can upload a video if you would want to see exactly what I mean