Macro Advanced Perlin

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how do I expose the settings from an advanced perlin inside a macro? Any help appreciated :wink:

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You can create new parameters for your macro, then link those parameters directly to the Advanced Perlin's parameters. To link a parameter, drag the wire on top of the device and you will either:

  1. See new ports appear at the top, connect to one of those.
  2. See nothing, let go of the left mouse button and now a menu will pop up, allowing you to select which port to connect the wire to.

If this is unclear, please let me know, and Iโ€™ll try to show some examples/gifs!

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@HYLK Thank you very much, just draging worked like a charm. Is this documented somewhere or just โ€œcommonโ€ knowledge :wink: ?

Ooh Iโ€™m not sure, but should be documented indeed :wink:

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