Macro Issues routing

Is it possible to change the routing port with a macro?

I have 4 different nodes… that I want to switch the routing with… and have no way of attaching the routing node with a parameter

You need either an Integer or Enumeration type parameter. The latter is just an Integer under the hood, always starting at 0 and going to the number of options - 1. So a list of 4 options goes from 0 to 3. I recommend using the Enumeration type as it does all that under the hood, no need for you to think about it, and it allows you to give a description to each option, which is a lot more helpful than a simple 0 or 1. In my example, you can choose either a linear or radial type of gradient. I created the Gradient type parameter twice, one is an Integer, going from 0 to 1, the other is an Enumeration with two options (going from 0 to 1 under the hood).

To connect it to the Route Chooser, simply drag the wire on top of the device, and when you let go of the left mouse button, a contextmenu with all the parameters will appear. Select Input Choice (int).


Another quick mention, you don’t need to pass the mask through a Router device prior to connecting it to the mask port btw!

Thank you! I will be able to try this out in the next hour… and will report back

Not sure I understand what you mean… then how do I route the mask?

Like so:

Ah… Yeah I think I was so used to having it prior to the macro… .

Another question… which is going to come up soon… Is it possible to have a macro inside a macro?

Yes it is possible to nest macros!

This is going to get interesting… Ultimately I want a way to choose from 256 different shapes… and then have a simple way of selecting a shape…then the right preset and having it correctly aimed at the correct output module… IT going to get like crazy spagetti art

Somehow when I connect the gradient it removes the other node

Ah… Figured it… it wont inside the macro
… but when you leave it… Then it works!!

Thank you again

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My Next Macro question…

If I make an action parameter that is suppose to press Write to Disk, Is there anything special that needs to be done?

Some extra info…

I have 128 Outputs set up with 2 routers… 4 routers with 32 and another with 4 . the path is being controlled in a macro… The macro also selects between 128 shapes that are fed into the whole pipeline.

I want to be able to use the routing controls in the Macro… and then hit write to disk. I dont want them all to write to disk because they will not have anything fed in… and then they will get overwritten… I want to manually do it all from from one Macro

I guess Ill ask the question again…

Can Write to Disk be controlled from a parameter in a Macro?

@Fstar Use an “Action” parameter, and plug it into the device writing to disk, connection to the action parameter (write to disk). Pretty straightforward approach there.

I explained the “gotcha” on the fb comment over on fb group, not going to repeat it here again lol!

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Thanks again for that… Not sure why… but this doesnt work for my setup… I can put it on drop box and share it with you…

@Fstar Sure go ahead. But my initial assumption would be that the outpput files are being corrupted by placeholder data on all subsequent builds, due to the problems I mentioned in my comment over on fb group.

PM me the file here on the forums.

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