Mask need erosion

Can someone guide me with my mask.
I made a mask in the begining of the noodles…
This mask are going to be used for Texturing the landscape.

But becase it is made in the beginning of the project it is not accurate, it is missing Errorion nodes etc.
How can I add the rest of the device to the mask?..


Hmm, it’s hard to give you a recommendation with so little information. Can you give us an overview of your nodes? And you say this mask is going to be used for texturing of the landscape, but does it mean that mask is like “above water” terrain? We need some more info.

Thank you for reply.
Here is an example
So the details I want to paint is selected but it is MUCH diffrent from the other output that have been erosion.

What I want is to have the Maskoutput beside the other output. Make a mask device and let it go throu all of the other devices and pick it up at the end.

I’m still having some trouble fully understanding it.

What is it the mask is selecting exactly? Is it the Voronoi terrain in total, or just the peaks? If the latter, you can use a Select Height device I suppose.

It is true the erosion device will heavily alter your terrain and details are lost, and I think it is going to be difficult to track those changes. You may have to alter your workflow or, first apply the texture to the masked area, and then remove the texture from the eroded parts within that area. I hope that makes sense.

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You need to subtract any erosion you add from the original mask. For example, a flow map from erosion passed through a bias gain (for fine tuning), subtracted from the original mask using a combiner node set to “subtract”.

Bigger shape changes are difficult, and need an up close and personal autopsy to get right. Erosion is more straightforward with flow masks etc available.

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