Masking Erosion

I wanted to ask a question in help/bugs forum but can’t find a way to create a post to ask a question.

I wanted to know how to use masks on the terrain so it only erodes certain layers (to improve my existing 4k city map terrain) and leaves the terrain layers used near buildings / on roads alone.

Hi Bob,

That’s odd that you couldn’t create a post! There should be a large red + button at the lower-right of your screen for creating a new post. I’ve split and moved your question to the correct location.

This should be fairly straightforward to do. There is a mask input at the bottom of most filter devices; you can use this to indicate to WM which areas should be affected and which left alone:


You can either manually draw a mask using the Layout Generator/Shapes device, programmatically create a mask from height/slope/etc, or import it from a file if you already have a map indicating where your buildings and roads are.

You can also go to “Open Examples” and open tutorial 9; you’ll see this exact process being used to erode the terrain around a road without affecting the road.

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