Masking terrain

Hi all.
Playing around with the basic version. I was wondering how to produce a texture mask for an imported height map image file? File input generator doesn’t seem to like ‘raster data only’ and gives me an error when i try to load in my .png.


@Jamesol1 I don’t understand your question. Here’s my interpretation.

  1. So you want to import a heightmap using file input, then you want to import a texture (using another file input) to overlay on it?
  2. Or you already have your heightmap set up as a terrain, and are trying to import “texturing masks” using additional file inputs?
  3. Something else…

If #1 is your problem: Switch the file input containing your RGB texture to “RGB bitmap” mode. Click the dropdown labeled “Heightfield” to switch the mode. To view it overlayed, add a “scene view” node and plug your heightmap and texture into it.

If #2 is your problem: Same process, but keep the second input in “heightfield” mode. Plug your mask into a “colorizer” node to map a gradient color to your mask.

If #3, please describe your problem using screenshots of what you have so far, and your node settings etc. A problem with a picture is easier to diagnose.

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@WFab Sorry for the confusion. Changing my image to RGB mode in Gimp allowed me to import my height map, thanks a lot!
I’m trying to generate a texture mask for my imported terrain, which im then planning on exporting as an image file, any tips on that would be amazing!
Thanks again.


Okay I get it (kinda).

Here I whipped up a simple example for you. It’s a complex question, with multiple possible answers. I tried to explain my own interpretation in the provided demonstration. Hope the descriptions contained within the project explain things better.

Download this attachment for more info (file shared via “wetransfer” due to file size):

The link will be valid for just this week, so please download quickly.

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Thanks a lot for the effort in helping with this! tutorial is great.

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