Memory, Paging, Hanging Troubles

Suddenly in the last few days I’ve been unable to work effectively as WM is spending most of it’s time paging to disk. I work for 1 minute, wait for 5 minutes, then repeat. I’m not sure if it’s a WM issue or my pc needs some love, but I have started using a lot more Distortion nodes as well as Advanced Renderer nodes. Could these nodes be too demanding? I removed all the Advanced Renderer nodes and it didn’t seem to help. I cleared more space on my Temp drive. I restarted my machine and did a quick cleanup. I’m not sure why my scene is so memory heavy. Any ideas as to what to try next?

*EDIT: My Temp folder currently weighs in at over 42gb

Several options:

  1. You can clear the contents of the temp folder. WM should probably do this as a janitorial task on startup; under normal situations paged files are removed on program close but if there is a crash they can remain.

  2. In Preferences, set max app memory usage to 90% or so to give WM as much memory as it can use while not completely causing thrashing of other apps on your system.

  3. Try setting max history memory to 10% or so. History memory usage is the greatest contributor to mem usage. It should be automatically dumping old build results as needed when you do a build, etc, but this is the first thing I can think of.

  4. If you have a complex world, you can turn on “memory conservation” in your render extent settings. This will keep only the final build results, not the intermediate devices, which saves a ton of memory. This setting is per-render-extent so you can have one extent with this enabled for high-res final builds, but work in a different one.

I intend to add a few “health status” indicators to the statusbar showing when paging is occuring, etc to help keep you abreast of what’s going on


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