Missing tabs no Layout Generator Commands


I’m new to world machine, i got the professional version but it seems its missing a few tabs…
For example there is no Layout Generator Commands, its just a preview and thats it, cant change any settings or add layouts.

Can you show us a screenshot?


I suppose you see something like this?

This could be because you have not selected a Shapes device in the Device Workview tab.

If you add a Shapes device to the Device Workview and then select the Shapes device, you will see the following, and I suppose those are the missing commands you are referring to!

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Hmm, I did not think that they might have went to the layout view without any devices being added to the device work view. I guess that they were following the outdated guidance on the layout generator in help files:


These really need to be updated as they would prevent needless help requests like these.