Need help activating my world machine license

I try opening world machine but it boot me to the activation page. I click on activate license but it doesn’t let me in. It says " you have installed all of the seats allowed on your license. I already deactivated the license from my previous computer but it still does not let me in. I try contacting support but they haven’t answer.

It sounds like you’ve installed WM on too many computers, or done one too many clean installs on your existing computer. In either case, you’ll have to wait until support contacts you back. You’ll get a response eventually, it just may take awhile.

Edit: That is, of course, assuming you don’t have access to any of the other computers you’ve installed it on. If you do, you should be able to launch WM, go to the “Help” menu, “Manage License”, and then “Deactivate your license on this machine”, which should free up a seat.

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I have access to the previous computer, but the license is already deactivated. And when i go thru the process of deactivation it says that there is no license to deactivate. I have only installed WM on two computers. When i move WM to the second computer, i made sure to deactivate it from the old computer. It was working just fine but one day all of a sudden it didn’t let me activate the license. I upgraded the license maybe it didn’t let me in cause it was out of date but nothing, it still gives me the same error.

That is really annoying indeed :frowning:

Sadly, the only solution is to wait for support to help you, as it probably has to do with the license server not registering the deactivation or something. Although the WM team doesn’t seem active on the forum, they do still fix support issues! It may take a few days, however.

Hope this gets fixed soon for you!

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When you upgraded the license, did you get a new license key? It may be that you just need to wait for the support team to send you a new license key. I’m not entirely sure if the upgrade system assigns new keys or if it registers the upgrade with the existing one. In either case, though, as @HYLK said, unfortunately you’ll just have to wait until support gets back to you.

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@Doruvi There are a few things you can test on your end.

  1. Uninstall world machine, including the development version if have it installed. Go to “C:\ProgramData\Reprise” and delete the folder named “worldmchn”.
  2. Reinstall World Machine, restart, then try to reactivate.

Let us know if that works, or not…

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Thanks for the quick responses!

@blattacker no, it just upgraded the current Licenses I had.

@WFab unfortunately it did not work. Tx for the suggestion thou

Anyways, Hopefully the contact me back.