Need Infos about Tiled Map Cave

Hello, i am new to landscape and wanted a large map so i bought the Pro to be able to build them.

What i’ve done yet is created my tiled map just plain so i can sculpt it like i really want.

Started sculpting it and when i wanted to make a cave i just duplicated the tile i wanted it under and created a new material for the cave tile. Then i moved the location Z to -25 so its under the other one because it was messing colors. Now my main tile just disappeared saying i have some errors :frowning:

I saw a lot of tutorials about making caves but none tiled and they just added a new landscape under their 1 map or they just use static meshes at all.

What i would like is my cave going under one tile with spline passage leading to the other tile and with its own material to paint the floor of the cave. Not sure how this could be done or if it can be done.

Thanks for any link or help to realize something like this.

Heightmap based terrain cant have caves or overhangs, because each pixel represents Z value. Only solution is to make hole into terrain in your game engine and make cave as mesh. Or use some game engine, which allows voxel based creation of caves and overhangs into heightmap based terrains, or use purely voxel based terrain engine. But for these you will not find any procedural generator, becase such thing has to be customized to voxel terrain implementation.

Thank you for the informations :exclamation:

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