New files and Set terrain Color

  1. when i close my file and try a retstart WM, the previous terrain build keeps opening on startup.
    How do I get a blank file or the generic 3 nodes?

  2. where is the “Set terrain Color” button?

Hi Miguel,

Welcome! So:

  1. The current build 4017 has an errata where, if you ever just hit “Save” on the default startup world, it would save over that world instead of prompting you for a name. You can remove the startup.tmd file from your World Machine documents folder to get a blank starting world, or save whatever you’d like as a starting template to that file.

  2. The terrain colors were moved to Project Setup since they are generally not changed so often as to merit a sidebar spot. Go to Project Settings -> General Setup; you’ll see the options for terrain color and mask colors listed there.