Not sure what's going wrong

I recently upgraded WM, going for the Development option. I found an Example World that I really would like to use a heightmap for Terragen: Alien Canyons. However it is connected to a Scene View node at the end. When I connect a Height Output a “waiting” circle appears at the upper left and it wont go away. Then when I try to create the scene, it hangs up at 93% and doesn’t go any further. Something is going wrong. Simply connecting a node shouldn’t cause an error.

Can you provide screenshots of the setup/device network? It would be easier to help troubleshoot if we had a bit more to work with.

All I did was connect the Height Output.

Connect the Height Output from the Thermal Weathering Device instead of the Expand device

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Alien Canyons.tmd (313.3 KB) This will build for your needs.