Output Mesh OBJ

The output mesh is not adding an OBJ extension on the file so Maya and other 3D apps can’t import the file so I need to type.obj at the end of file name to be recognized.
Also the export as quad option has been removed from Artist Point…Why?
Thank you Stephen.

It can add the .obj extension, however, if you accidentally remove the .obj part in the path, it won’t be added. I agree, this is a bit of a bummer, it’d be better if the exporter would:

  1. Check if the path ends with .obj
  2. Add .obj to the path if it doesn’t end with .obj

And yes quad support appears to be missing ;-;

Thank you HYLK, yes I’ve started adding the .obj at the end of file name in the export window options, but yes it should be addressed.Cheers

@damaggio and @HYLK

The “Quads only option” is still there. It’s called “create quads”, and you have to set the meshify node to the old “uniform grid” mode, from “optimized delaunay TIN” default.

I beg to differ

Yeah maybe that’s what I did when I was playing with the choices,I was confused… it was coming out triangulated, thanks HYLK…can you try on your side too @WFab?

@HYLK and @damaggio

Guess I stand corrected, on one count at least. Yeah same on my end. I also tried exporting that mesh, checked in Blender, still triangulated. That auto triangulation is baked into mesh apparently, not just a GPU tessellation thing.

Easy to convert to quads with that regular distribution, though would have preferred to have a clean quad mesh right out of wm.

Guess we can chalk this up to a paper cut, incomplete feature.

Thank you for checking , I’ll make a bug post to let Stephen know and hopefully revert to the old behavior
for the next release. Much appreciated.