Overlaying color/masks over terrain

Hi there,

first of all let me say that I love the new feature that selectors selection are automatically overlayed on the terrain. I wish there would be an option for all kinds of devices to be able to do that! But still I end up using the overlay view a lot which can be a little bit annoying. I read in the patch notes of Artist Point that there was a global toggle added to display color/material. Is that the feature I am looking for here and if yes how to use it?
Otherwise (I know I don’t want to advertise other software here) I think Gaea had a cool solution for that were you could pin a node as underlay so that whenever you selected another device it was automatically overlayed on the terrain of the pinned node (color nodes as color maps, height maps as b/w masks, materials as materials). Would be nice to have that for WM as well :slight_smile:

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