Paid Island creation offer

Hi there. I have been using World Machine Free version now for a few days, and I love it.

However, I looked at it because I am trying to create a map for my Dad. It is of the Grand Cayman Island.

I have pretty basic knowlege of WM. The issue is that I really dont have any requirement to purcahse the licencse for 1 project, which is a gift to my Dad to assist with his first Fiction book.

Would anyone like to produce the island for me using a heightmap? For a fee? I could spend a week, 2 weeks or more trying to learn perfect and master this great piece of software. I have come along way in 2 days, but tbh, my interest is in the techincal side of my Dad’s project, not the artwork.

best regards.

Below is my current effort…

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Hi there,
The terrain looks great so far, if you’re trying to replicate a real-life location in WM it’s possible to import real-world height data into WM, and then touch it up and also colorize it.

Here is a site that I know of that have data on the Grand Cayman Island:

If the output is too low-resolution, I can help you on creating the island.

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Not only real world height. You can easily get both heightmap and texture. And in WM you just add some errosions to add detail, there is even sample what to do with real world HM.

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