Problem with bigger map

Hi dudes, I will open WMachine by default, I am using offered devices devices and then… I am satisfied. Preview at the top left, looks good. The problem occurs when I try to select a larger map selection from: LayoutView F6. If I want to draw most of the build map, then the result is strange. The rendered result is out of focus, the mountains turn into a meadow. I tried experimenting with setting “normal build resolutions” and maximum elevation value. Unfortunately, I was not able to achieve the quality of a small map. Where can be the problem? Thank you for your time.

Is it larger by resolution or physical map size?
It’s normal for it to lag/be blurry when drawing layout bc its trying to build real time with your cpu. I myself scarcely use layout generators myself, as there are more precise ways. Layout generators also aren’t very sharp, so if I do use it I add a few effects onto it before modifying it with erosion.

I wouldn’t recommend drawing out an entire map using layout generators as they are very laggy and take a long time to build. I personally use diamond radial grads and distort them to make a nice ridged mountain shape.


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