Problems with export map (Texture pattern + mesh + UV map)

I’m newcommer in world machine. I have created smart terrain but I was sticked with exporting it into my game.
I need to export texture pattern + mesh + UV channels for this. But I found how to export only mesh + baked texture which is qute hudge.

Do you have any tutorial how to do this?

P.S. This is not UE/Unity game engine. So please do not suggest approach for this.

If I remember correctly, the UV coordinates are exported with the mesh, so no need for a separate export. Just importing the mesh and applying the texture to it should work, but not sure.

but what textures I should export? If I’m exporting a bitmap it bakes whole terrain as a single bitmap but not a tiles of rocks, grass etc…

Ah like so. Well, you can export the individual masks as black and white images, or create a splatmap. I prefer using separate masks, as it gives you more control over blending later on.

The mask/splatmap will then determine where your grass or rock material should be placed.