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So, I have a terrain with a max elevation of 2625 and a minimum elevation of zero. The initial layout of the terrain is generated by a Perlin node, and everything else is bespoke sculpted and can’t really be changed.

How can I raise the entire terrain up, say, 1000 metres, without changing the features that I already have? I’d like to raise the whole thing and keep everything else looking the same. The reason why I want to do that is because I’d like to sculpt depressions on my game engine landscape imported from that heightmap, but I can’t as there’s no more available space to go deeper.

I tried increasing the minimum elevation on the project settings but it didn’t work.

Add a Constant height node set to 1000m, and Combine it with your terrain set to 100% add mode.

If the terrain starts clipping the tops of the world (the highest parts are all the same height), you need to increase the maximum elevation of the world in project settings.

Just remember that by default, all of the generators will produce terrain that ranges from the project minimum to the project maximum elevation. So changing the project elevation range will change all of the various generators as well. If you have an elaborate scene setup already, and all you want to do is add 1000m to it, I’d probably save your terrain at final build resolution and then create a “second pass” world that has the new project heights and loads in the previous terrain and does the addition there.

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