Realistic grass(forest) masks

Hi, I am looking for how to make masks like on the satelite images, I tried to use mask egde fuzz and similar ways to break up the mask egde with noise, but I could not achieve realistic look. Any ideas how to do it?

What I often do is not so much recreating the mask, but instead trying to understand/emulate what is happening. So for snow, I first create a snow layer, then I determine where snow melts away from the sun, where less snow will fall because of forestation, where snow will be flowing away with small creeks etc, and following that method, I quickly approach realistic distributions of snow and with that, a realistic mask.

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Thanks HYLK! Yes this is the way I do it, but now I am working with real terrain data, so I want to get the most identical look of the vegetation mask, the terrain is combination of real data, and the mask is used for foliage and grass spawners. I have the masks from erosion, thermal erosion and the selection masks with noise available. I just need to find the best way to generate the mask that is most similar with the real terrain data. I was trying to break the mask edge with the masks I have, but I can not achieve the realistic look. I am still learning WM.
PS: on the photos is the grass and foliage colored in white, so it is better for me to see how the mask shoud look like.

It would help if we knew a bit more of what your current results look like, and what particular effect you’re looking for but not achieving. In lieu of that data, looking at this, the first step I’d take in tackling this kind of thing would be to grab a Select Height device masked by a Select Slope device that would itself be masked by erosion outputs (I usually use the deposition mask or the wear mask, but flow mask could also likely be used).

Very quickly using this method, I came up with this

Also, I haven’t tried this for this particular purpose yet, but you could try adding some masks (like slope, erosion, or just a generator) into the spatial parameters of the falloff on the height device, which might lead to some interesting results. A Select Roughness device could also be useful, though would probably require a lot more tweaking than some of the others.

All in all, I think your best bet is going to be experimenting and then layering a bunch of masks together, rather than trying to use a single mask to get the look you’re going for.


Nice blattacker! I tryed to to mess up the height selector and add to the transition noice to get the forest patches, some details are still missing but the main shape is almost achieved.

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