Release_Build_4031.2 - Bug: Libraries/Checkpoints do not retain "custom" first input name

This could be a bug with either “Checkpoint” node or “Library” data:

  1. Saved a Library containing a full dump of data. The Library does not retain the name of first Custom input, only the name of the node connected to it. The output port shows “Connected “Node” name (Data type)” when selected. Rest of the Outputs all retain custom original names, since the last bugfix release at least. Be advised that it could also be an Issue with CHECKPOINT device. Renaming “Checkpoint” node’s “name” itself, to describe first input, is the workaround currently used in the file submitted.

  2. Tested multiple libraries, same thing. Not very tough to recreate either, see “Steps to reproduce”.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a library using “Library output”. Preferably, use a Checkpoint before it to create a custom name for the first input. Also try having more than one input, for clarity.

You can test using the project already set up with library creation and import HERE. Open in a new tab, since this is a different forum thread. Screenshot attached as well.

  1. Check the name of first “output” port of the imported Library. Screenshot attached. In the screenshot, first output port should say "Erosion (Heightfield). Instead it shows the name of the “Checkpoint” node instead, which is “Terrain_Output”.

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I will investigate this, thanks for the report

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