River bed flow maps

Hi, is it possible to make a flow maps align with the river splines to get the texture like on the photo? I was trying the erosion masked out by river channel mask, but when the river is on low slopes and valleys, the flow map is not ok to get the effect.

Assuming hand drawn rivers can be used here, that area looks more like a floodplain/meander belt. Those settings would be contained within the River device settings.

Failing that, I think the closest you might be able to get would be by piping the water output into the water input of the Erosion device, then combining the flow mask of the Erosion device and the Tributary Mask of a water device to get an overall flow/water mask.

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Tried the “wetness selector” node? Plug in your water and “flow map”, it’ll give you a moisture setting you can play with.