River without the reach slope?

How can I use a river device in a way that it doesn’t sculpt the actual river reach? I’m only interested in the valley.

I actually managed to get a really nice sculpted valley when I zero-ed the reach slope and the bankful depth, however I ended up with a very unnatural looking spline, as seen on the screenshot. How do I get rid of it?

My river settings:

Hi there,

I’ll admit, I didn’t think of someone wanting to use the river tool but not place a river. :slight_smile: it would be simple enough to add an option for that in the next version.

For now, I’d recommend just using a Layout generator instead. The shapes device should work pretty well in the same way - just connect your terrain to the input, draw your shape, then drop the shape to the terrain (right click on the shape and choose that option from the menu)

Maybe people would like to create a dry river valley?? That’s my use case. The water is gone, the reach is covered by dust, the only thing left is a valley cut by the river long ago.

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If that’s what your trying to do why not try making the river like normal and then maybe using erosion on it after perhaps?


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