Save .tif rather than .tiff?

I don’t seem to be able to output a .tif from the Height Ouput node, only a .tiff, so I have to rename my file each time for my destination application. Am I missing something obvious?

Appears it doesn’t matter!

That I understand, however the engine I’m working with want’s a .tif, won’t accept .tiffs~

Oh sorry, I misunderstood your question. I think it is not possible, as you can’t even change the extension in WM. Can’t you use a different format? What are you using a .tif for?

I could possibly use a different 16bit format like PNG, I just gravitate to .tif because it feels more robust, less compromising. But I’ll look into PNG for my purpose, maybe it’s fine!

PNG works really well, it is a sweet compromise between speed and file size. Since it is a lossless file format it retains quality, but the compression may make it a bit slower to work with.

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I see now that I can open older graphs that saved .tif files, but now when I attempt to rename them they default to .tiff. I wonder if some behavior has changed… @Stephen?
(For the sake of clarity, I can’t use 16b PNG in the engine I’m working with, I think .tif is my only option, and the naming issue could bring frustrations with automated builds)

Hi Chad,

.tiff or .tif are both accepted on input, but it’s forcing .tiff on the file extension validator. I’ll update this for the next build to leave it alone if its either option.


Thank you, greatly appreciate it!