Scaling down in world machine while retaining features

I’m using world machine to make maps in Minecraft via worldpainter. I spent a couple hours in world machine making the terrain, but i didnt realise that the dimensions ended up being 80km x 80km, and that’s an issue cause i can’t export more than 1025x1025 resolution; for 80km x 80km to work properly, i would need something like 8096x8096!

is it possible to scale it down? if i do it in world machine, it gets cut off. if i export the current map as a heightmap and then import it to worldpainter, everything is very badly jagged and you cant make out any features.

You could, of course, export the whole map at 1025×1025 resolution, but then you will lose features as well. So no, this is not possible with your current edition of WM, sorry :frowning: