Set Colorize Key Procedurally

I came across the Report Colour node and it’s awesome. I’d like to use the output values to drive a colorizer’s keys but I can’t seem to figure out a method to set the keys.

Does anyone know if it’s possible yet? This would be a very useful method to automate colour selections from different departments on the fly.


This would be a useful feature indeed, add it to feature request. “Possibility to programmatically control color keys in colorizer, using report color node output”.


Obviously, I am browsing old threads while waiting on renders, so I keep finding references to things I want to know. I know of the Report Color node but have not used it. I mean, what are the use cases for it? I will play with it in a bit, but I’d like to know what uses others have found for it.

@davidroberson It could be useful for gradient based coloring macros, where a color sampler from reference images could be implemented. Plug in a landscape image, it outputs a gradient from it.

Is that on the Feature Request queue? It would be handy, though I’d really love it if we could steal the gradient key sampler in Substance Designer. Very handy. I often run SD just to sample gradients from images.

@davidroberson I’m suggesting a single “use case”, there may be other possibilities once the above feature is there.

I think it was on the roadmap sometime in 2019. But materials and PBR got implemented first, a more direct way of shading terrains.

I understood that. I assume there will be many uses for the Report Color node, and I’ll have to work with it some to see if I can figure out some of them. I have no idea where to start at the moment, and other projects I’m busy with. But hopefully I’ll squeeze that into my experimentations. There are always renders I have to wait through, and that’s a good time to play around with nodes.

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@davidroberson Once you get deep into PBR materials in wm, you’ll find a use for all these color reporting, adjustment, mixing and masking tools. Artist Point is a massive update when it comes to these small nodes.

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Something to look forward to, then. I’ve gotten the basics of PBR materials done, but I’ve no idea how deep one can go with it yet. I’m basically just working with the Material node and various outputs. I’ll look at the documentation for Artist Point and see if I can figure out the next few steps.

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