Silent install deployment with license

I’m automating the install (build 3025) for deployment on several machines using provided command (from the FAQ):
WMINSTALLER.exe /USERNAME=(Your Username or Organization) /REGKEY=(Your registration code)
by specifying our studio license; however, on the first launch there is a popup requesting license activation on the machine.

I have tried to copy the world.ini under %appdata%\World Machine Professional to avoid the Document path popup (with a hardcoded path). Copying the license file seemed to work for 2 users on the same PC, but on a different machine I still get the license popup so I guess it’s host specific.

This is a problem because it means we still have to manually launch it and configure it on each host before being able to automatically trigger World Machine scripts on them. Has anyone been able to automate license activation as well or managed to fully automate the install/setup?

Open a ticket at the Helpdesk ( and we can get you squared away there!