Slope Selector according to height

Hello guys!

I have been trying some techniques to get the slope selector select its slope based on the height.
Basically meaning, at height 0 i want the slope selector to be 45 degrees and at max height i want the slope selector to be at around 35 degrees without any falloff.
I got it to work with falloff but not without it and i cant really use it with the falloff.

Any help is appreciated!

Sadly it is not yet possible to do that, as the Slope Range is not exposed as a Spatial Parameter.

I’ve tried to come up with a quick method right now, but sadly haven’t succeeded.

This is where my attempt stranded. It does actually have a varying slope selection, but it is far from what a true Spatial Parameter could achieve.

Thanks for the reply!

Hmm… thats interesting. What did you use to get this result?

Red lines show from what device the properties windows are. The spatial modulation is simply a Gradient device set to max width, and then normalising that. The orientation is perpendicular to that of the Gradient device in the top left corner. So as you can see, quite a convoluted setup for a medium result.