Terrain coloured by steepness?

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I have an idea for a project and found myself here. I’m wondering if I can make a simple world, and an identical world where the ground is coloured by its steepness/gradient?

I’ve had a bit of a search but “colour”, “gradient” and “steepness” are common terms and I’ve not seen anything. Any info or direction would be much appreciated.



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If you’re asking if it can be done in world-machine, yes that’s the whole point of this schtick!

What you need to look for once you build your world, is “slope selector”. That’s going to help you select the exact slope/steepness from your terrain. Then you need to find the “colorize” node in the “convertor” tab. That’s going to help you set up a gradient.

The thing about “node based tools” you need to remember going forward is, there are multiple way to achieve any kind of effect. You’re only limited by limitations of heightmapping (displacement only in one direction, UP), your system hardware, and your imagination or skill.

Here’s a tutorial for the same by forum member @JakBB


To add on to WFab’s excellent reply, if you have enough patience, I don’t even think you’re limited by hardware (except maybe a slight exception on combined RAM/available disk space). The hardware I’m using is all over 10 years old, and the only thing it seems to affect for me is build times. You can still create stunning images with old or underpowered hardware, as long as you’re willing to wait for your computer to build it out. For larger projects, I just wait to hit that build button until right before I go to bed or leave for work, and let my computer chew through the math while I’m not using it.

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