TeTo : The Texturing Toolbox!

Hi! As I posted in another thread before, this thread is about a texturing macro. TeTo is a set of 3 macros, one is for texturing (diffuse color), one is for making splatmaps, and one is for making weightmaps. The creator is Iri Shinsoj, and it’s going to be available on her gumroad in a bit. I’ll post the link as soon as it’s uploaded. I’m just starting this thread to see if there’s interest, and for discussions on it.

It’s out! Check it out here: https://gumroad.com/l/TeTo#

A few more screens!

The macro has been updated to cover 20 color palettes now. You can download it from the same link. Buyers of the original get free upgrade.

This looks very nice. Does it need the Pro edition or is the Standard edition sufficient.

As far as I know, it works on pro and basic. So it should work on standard too. Please note that you need wm version 2.3.7 for it to work.

these are awesome macros!

worth every dime! (and much more ;))

These look outstanding!! Great job!

Does this work with the V3.x Beta as well?

Yes it works with all dev builds. I’m using it frequently with 3011 at least.

Hi, looks great, but is it possible to load in diffuse textures into the macro instead of a color palette?

Not yet. Although it’s very easy to create a texture based on diffuse texture using file inputs and choosers in a cascade form. No macro required.

LOCKED MACRO…for me its WORTHLESS…didn’t learn ANYTHING, and I should request a refund from paypal, FOR NOT DISCLOSING THAT FACT. its world machine, we all use the same tool sets…

  1. Where did it say that it’s open source?
  2. The author of this macro has a free tutorial on youtube, explaining the exact technique used to create this macro. It’s just that the neat settings and presets make it easier to use, without visiting photoshop to create gradients as would be the case otherwise. I’ll see if I can dig up the link to that video for you.
  3. Good luck with the refund! Also, remember to ask for return from world machine llc as well, since they never told you how wm works internally. And your phone manufacturer! And for everything proprietary you use!


Just shaking my head

Seems like good timesaver, anybody knows if it works with latest versions?

@Demostenes Yeah it’s working with the latest version. I use it for some rich previews internally.

Is it usable for producton outputs? Or there are some limits?

@Demostenes: Depends on what kind of production. The colors are gradient based, so no matter how complex, they will show clear solid colors in places when you render in a realistic setting. As a general rule, texture using external app for final renders, and generate colormaps using this macro for pre-production use. Also good for quick coloring in world machine viewports.

Ok, thanks. What external app are you using for final texturing and renders? Vue? Terragen? I am looking for way how to do the best terrain texture, it will be used in game engine. Close distance is solved via exported masks and proceduraly placed textures, so this is no problem. But I would like to “cheat” and put into terrrain texture, which is used for bigger distance, more detail, than actual splats are producing. I have so far not bad results with WM and WC2, but still there is big space for improvement.

@Demostenes: I do my textures in world machine itself, using photo textures. I also sometimes mix em up in blender, when world machine ones look bad in ambient light. I’ll link some examples here:


Procedurally placing textures in the close range is probably your best bet. Even at 8k, there’s not enough detail to go closer than 300m.