Texture sampling tiled outputs in Unreal

Hi, this is an Unreal + World Machine integration question. If that’s not allowed, please feel free to close this topic.

So I have a big landscape imported from World Machine into Unreal Engine as a tiled World Composition level. Also, as part of my World Machine outputs I have a number of 8-bit grayscale files named as BigLakeMasks_X00_Y00.raw, BigLakeMasks_X00_Y01.raw, etc. Those will help me with texturing.

What is the proper way to sample those textures in a landscape material? There must be an automated way to read those, as I have more than 128 tiles and if I add texture sample nodes for each of them I will exceed the texture limit.

I’m sure the answer must be something obvious as that sounds to me like a pretty standard workflow, but I couldn’t find the answer to it anywhere.

BTW, I’m talking about actually referencing an specific tile on the material, preferrably by X/Y or landscape coordinates. Obviously I know how to load the weightmaps when creating the landscape, but I need to work with these weightmaps post-creation.

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