Texturing Floating Islands

In the Example Worlds there is one called Floating Islands, which shows how to use the Depth Mask to create a floating island. Kind of self explanatory, but today I found myself wondering how you are supposed to texture it. I can conceive of how the texture could be created for the bottom half, but how is it applied to the mesh? I assume it’s a UV mapping problem, but I don’t know if a UV is created for the depth mesh. Is this something you have to take into a third-party application just to handle that part?

Curiosity is killing me… :thinking:

Note: This trick does not seem to be possible using Meshify and its Force Full Resolution (Water) port. You’d pretty much have to create the two halves of a floating island separately and combine them in Blender, or something. Not impossible, but at least doing it that way means you can get optimized meshes to work with.

As far as I know you can only have one texture for your terrain, which will be projected top-down onto your terrain, WM does not support the texturing of individual faces. So your only resort is to use a third party program.

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Yes - the floating island example world is a bit of a party trick. The ability to enclose a volume in an exported mesh was intended for exporting water, as some applications of water need to have a, um, ‘watertight’ mesh in order to e.g. raytrace depth opacity and such.

Using that facility for terrain is a fun consequence, but there’s no way to independently texture them inside WM.

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Ah well. It’s a neat idea, but I’ll have to play around with it in Blender a bit. Thanks for your replies!